hold this moment for me

let me soar in its sky of wonder
let me swim in its ocean of love
let me walk down its path of truth
and if forever is in this moment
then hold forever for me
even if for just a moment



embracing the shadow of light

as i walk through the gardens of my life
i see these tiny, dazzling orbs
dancing in the shadow of light
they beckon and i give in
with naked feet i join them in the dance
tip-toeing along the edges
of this floral landscape
swirling, spinning, leaping
then i sit breathless
embracing the shadow of light
until it's time to dance once again

gently and ever so quietly
spring tiptoes into my soul

there are times when i get lost
in the deep shadows of winter
where cold and dark days
seem to have endless beginnings
where tears come unannounced
and i can't help but long for winter's end to begin
then without warning
waves of colors and light
start kissing my bleary eyes
and my almost frozen cheeks
gently and ever so quietly
spring tiptoes into my soul
nudging a smile to break free
from my frost bitten lips
now i know that the coldness
and the darkness, and the shadows
of the winter past are no more



hopes of what i will be

often enough i find myself
in unexpected places
at unexpected times
and i know that at such times
and in all those places
i will have nothing to leave but
memories of what i have been
symbols of what i am
and hopes of what i will be
would you dare to take
would you care to keep
those memories
those symbols
those hopes
no matter the time
no matter the place



fishers, dreamers and lightcatchers

i too am a fisher, a dreamer and a lightcatcher
fishing for new wonders
dreaming of new adventures
catching the light to make me see
that new wonders are within simple moments
ready to be reeled in
and new adventures are within a hair's breadth of my familiar world
ready to be lived out


step by lonely step i move on
to where i can find a place to be

i glance over my shoulder
and in my mind i see you
walking behind me
i hear you calling out my name
shouting "wait for me"
and in that brief moment of imagining
a smile breaks free from my heart



a fresh beginning

this withered leaf
shimmered in the
afternoon sun
it glowed against
a cloudless blue sky
and i thought
what a fitting image
to herald the new year
time to say goodbye
to a hundred maybes
to come to terms with
the countless whys
to face undaunted
the many i don't knows
of the year past
to live
not without doubts
nor questionings
nor fears
but with love big enough
and faith strong enough
to conquer them all


isn't it amazing how a tiny, imperfect blade of grass 
can hold a universe of wonder

as i was savoring the stillness
of the early hours of the day
i knelt before this
minuscule water droplet
bathed in the morning light
i looked at it as closely as i could
and to my amazement i saw
how the universe encased
within its iridescent walls
had suddenly become
as malleable as my imagination
it was a moment when
i realized i was looking at something
in the grandeur of its smallness



i dream of me, a wisp of a presence 
in the world of dandelions

i gather a handful of them
and i whisper my heart’s
thoughts and dreams in their ears
as i blow their tiny plumes
gently off their fragile stalks
i watch them take wing
like little parachutes
and i laugh as they do
their pirouettes in the sky
while dearly holding on to
my thoughts and dreams
these buoyant dandelions
are dancing their way
bearing pieces of my heart
to those who are unafraid
to embrace them