"visual meanderings:  LEAVES" (in two formats) is a collection of captured moments and poetry.  In this first in a series of "visual meanderings" are images of leaves which are just as enriching as the wonderful vistas of the sun rising and the sun setting and as memorable as stunning landscapes and glittering cityscape. They are simple moments, but ones which I hope one can turn to when one needs to quiet one's mind and refresh one's spirit.



The following is a book I put together of my very first wedding coverage.  At the outset, my intention was to create a wedding story as it was happening, hence the scarcity of "posed" images.   This being my very first experience in wedding photography, I am aware that there were moments I could have captured better.  But I also know that I have done enough to bring tears of joy to the bride's eyes after she finished leafing through the book.


And here's another wedding book I put together

mike & michelle 14 may 2011 | Make Your Own Book


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