Every once in a while you come across someone who would just totally alter your perception on things. This person could be a total stranger and he or she could be totally unaware of how much they’ve influenced you. This is what happened to me when I first saw V's images. I was stunned! Her work is truly astonishing! She has such artistic eyes which capture the beauty in the simplest things around us; transforming them into the most sublime work of art. - Erwin (Melbourne, Australia)


Virginia’s photography is simply breathtaking. She possesses an incredible eye for detail which lures you into the images.  Her pictures combine a complexity and a minimalism to stunning effect, and are charged with such emotion that the sensation is channelled through to the observing individual. - Tony (London, UK)


In our Pinoy Kodakero group on Flickr, I once called Virgie "The High Priestess of Photography". Though such lofty title was said in jest, it carries my admiration and fascination for her work which I can describe in many words but would rather sum up with these - vivid, creative, passionate. You will be awed by her use of tones and colors; delighted with her play of silhouettes and shapes; transported like Gulliver into a world where everything tiny,like her famous series on droplets,become titans; and mesmerized by the style and skills of her capture. Virgie has the heart and soul of art in her photography, and we are fortunate that through her website we get to relish, enjoy and appreciate that art over and over. As for that lofty title, I would not tire bestowing it on her again and again, but this time in all sincere fondness. - Jun Anover (Philippines)


When one's creative stream runs dry, one has to just look at Virginia's images to regain lost creative inspiration. Thank you so much, Virginia, for inspiring me with your jaw-dropping, beautiful photos. Each one is a masterpiece! - Sally (Philippines)


Virginia is a fine art photographer, who inspires me more and more to take notice of very small details, small moments in life, that have to be appreciated and remembered in such way. With her work she tells me that in all small pieces or places of our surroundings there lies a beauty! In that matter I remembered my favorite saying from Antoine de Saint Exupéry, in story The Little Prince: "Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." Thank you, Virginia, for sharing the world through your eyes! - Boris (Maribor, Slovenia)


V is a generous and creative soul. Her work exudes a clear sense of purpose to extract an emotional response from her viewers. She is insightful in her choice of subjects, balanced in rendering of the photo's elements and graceful in the execution of proper technique. A true gem of inspiration and of encouragement. Many thanks for sharing! - Edric (Philippines)


Virginia's work is not simply “portraiture” or “photography”, it’s art. Her insightful, intuitive approach makes the minutest detail accessible and palpable to the ordinary viewer. Her understanding of color elicits raw emotion. You don’t have to be an art critic or an art lover to love the beauty and sensitivity of each of her images. - Patricia F. Baumann,  designcafe2go (California, USA)


Amazing teacher, great artist/photographer. Very kind and generous person and a great inspiration! And I consider myself very lucky to have come across this very talented, gifted, genius of a woman! Thanks for the friendship V! Good Luck in all your endeavors and God Bless You! - Lily (Philippines)


Virginia can photograph the most mundane object, capture its very essence and transform it into an objet d’art. One can’t help but be mesmerized by her work. I, personally, am in awe of her gallery. When you gaze at her photos they give you that sense of spirituality and somehow they transport you to a different place and time. - Angie (California, USA)


Virgie, your pictures and poems are very inspirational. They remind me that I should appreciate the beauty of life and focus on simple things which make us happy. You are so talented and fabulous. - Ruth (California, USA)


There's so much I can say but let me find the right words to post.  UPLIFTING! INSPIRING! The artistic shots along with the words that accompany them are all products of a person whose life is one endless song of praise to her Creator. You were gifted with talents many (like us) don't have.  But you have doubled, tripled, quadrupled all these talents.  God must be smiling! - Daisy (Florida, USA)


It's amazing how Virginia captures in a fleeting moment a subject - so simple, so ordinary and mundane - with her keen aesthetic eye and brilliance, and turns it into an amazing vision! I love her photographic style, with the muted lighting and minimalism ... it's brilliant. The images take on a whole different meaning, they grab you. The end result is simply remarkable. Way to go Virginia; I know you'll go a very long way. - Nydia (California, USA)